Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mini eggs! Spring is here!

So I'm not so good at this blogging thing.  Whoopsies.

So much has happened since I gave up my chickies.  I've been fortunate enough to go visit them a few times now.  At first, I think Gertie was still pretty mad at me...or just really cold.  She seemed to be shivering.  She did survive the rest of winter though.
About a week after they moved out, it was still cold enough for down coats.
Good thing they have this snazzy chicken coop to keep them safe and warm!

Both of them have continued to grow, little by little.  And about a week after this visit, one of them started laying eggs!  We weren't completely sure which one, but I have a hunch it's Gertie.  I think she probably thought she was going to die in the cold, so she had to reproduce before it was too late.  

Then a little after that, the other one was laying eggs too!  So both Millie and Gertie started laying eggs around 4.5 months.  Slightly early by normal standards (usually it's 6 months).  But maybe being around all the other hens was helpful in getting them to lay early.

Here they are!  Mini eggs from my chickies :)
According to the internet (which is 100% reliable), the eggs will become bigger as the girls continue to grow. So hopefully they will have normal-sized eggs in a couple months.  But to be honest, I kind of wish they will always have mini eggs.  I think they're cute!  They would be cute little eggs to dye for Easter, they'd make adorable little hard-boiled eggs for snacks, AND most importantly, I could tell people I can hold 4 eggs in one hand.

We took 6 eggs home and made them for dinner the same night.  I was eager to see what fresh eggs were like.  And boy were they DE-LI-CIOUS.  The yolks were richer, deeper in color, and tasted decadent.  I don't know how to describe the difference in the whites, but if you could describe normal store bought egg whites as "runny" or "watery", these were not--they're not like solid, but more gelatinous?  Maybe that's the word.

I'm so proud of my girls.  And they looked so happy.  Here's a video of them in the garden.  The first two shown are my little ones.  The others are their new sisters.  They seem to travel in pairs.